Monday, May 25, 2009

Seaside Beach and Camp 18

After church, we decided to drive out to the beach. I really didn't want to since we had stayed up really late the night before and woke up early, but after the kids cleaned up a little around the house without complaining, I gave in.

It's about an hour drive to Cannon Beach and on our way we saw signs for both Cannon Beach and Seaside saying they were equidistant, but we didn't realize the traffic going into Seaside would be horrendous. I didn't want to drive in the traffic much longer, that and Hope wasn't happy, so we turned off the main road as soon as we entered Seaside. Surprisingly, we found a parking spot really close to the Ocean. After we got to the beach, I noticed that there had to be a couple thousand people up on the beach a mile down the way, so I guess it was good that we got off the main road a little early... thanks for crying babies.

Faith playing in the sand.

Faith giving me a smile

Grace Trying to Bury herself

Making her into a mermaid... again

We headed out looking for an Aquarium that was in the area, but couldn't find it. We started to get hungry, so we began driving out, but didn't see anything good. We drove back up 26 toward home, and thought we would stop off at this interesting spot we noticed on the way to the beach, called Camp 18. We get there and we ran into another couple from our church who said that Cannon Beach was also packed. We enjoyed a nice dinner, with fairly large proportions that were tasty as well. The price was a little steep, but I think it wasn't too bad compared to most restaurants, besides we were trying to have fun. We even ran into another family from our church on our way out the door... I guess everyone was going to the beach on this long weekend.

Enjoying some ribs... mmm tasty

Monday, May 11, 2009

It's done

Here I sit on the couch hopped up on valium and vicodin, while my wife babies me. She wants to make sure I'm comfortable. She actually feels bad for me for some reason. I was happy to get the vasectomy, so that she didn't have to go through any surgery again. She has done enough as far as having the children, the least I could do was get a vasectomy. Jodi is so awesome. She bought me some video games and has been really concerned about me not doing too much as there have been some cases of men having continuous discomfort after vasectomies, so much so that sex is painful for them and not pleasant. Jodi doesn't want that to be the case for me. The biggest things the doctor told me to minimize complications was ice, rest and support. So, that's what I'm doing and Jodi is being great. I'm feeling a little nauseated, I don't know if it's from the vicodin or what, but I know that is one of the side effects of the drug. So far, so good as far as following the doctors orders. It takes 6-8 weeks for the reserves in my body to be depleted to ensure that I am sterile, but even then I have to be tested to be sure. I'm just glad that I don't have to do the deed at the hospital, because that'd just be weird.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Such a beautiful family

A few pictures taken by a friend at church for us. They are so adorable.

my beautiful family
kid feet and baby feet, what's cuter?
my little girls