Monday, September 21, 2009

Hope Crawling

I've been meaning to post video of Hope crawling for some time now, but I ruined the shots by talking and/or singing in them. She's been crawling or at least moving around for a few weeks now. Here's the video, from today, so she's a little better at it now. Enjoy!!!

somehow, I turned the sound off on my cell phone... I guess I should have used my good camera

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Growing Up!

My kids are just growing up. Grace just turned 7, started the 2nd grade, and is losing a bunch of teeth. Here she is just showing off her lack of teeth.
Hope is 7 months today, eating baby food, and started to crawl, and is just getting so big now. Yes, that is baby food all over her face... I'm such a good dad, I take pictures when she gets food all over her face... hehe :)

Faith is 4 and a half, started going to preschool - and loves it, and is now playing soccer like her big sis. Look at that action shot from my cell phone.