Saturday, January 3, 2009

Another year down!

It's crazy! As I get older, time just seems to fly by. I can't slow it down, I can't reverse it, but it just seems to be going faster and faster. In less than two months we will be having our 3rd kid, and I can't believe that day is almost here. My youngest is turning 4 this month, and as I looked through some old pictures, it just seems like it was yesterday they were babies... so of course let's reminisce, not just about last year, but about my kids growing up.

Grace in her Crib

Our friend Melissa holding Grace at the beach.

Grace and Ryleigh at the Pumpkin Patch

Faith in her Pooh Towel

My Grandma and the kids.

My Dad and Mom with the kids.

4 Generations

Grace and Faith with their cousins during the Fall of 2007

Jodi and Faith in the Summer of 2008

It's just crazy to see how these kids have grown.

I guess I'll just have to enjoy this time while they're young... cuz I'll be looking back shortly and thinking the sames stuff about Hope.