Saturday, July 11, 2009

A busy month of June

I haven't updated in a while... I don't know what I did with the pictures from my parents stay in Mid-June, but I have a few from my mobile phone.

The stay with my parents was fun, we had a great time.

My dad and the girls in front of the USS Blue Back at Omsi

This is the girls in front of the screw (propeller) of the Blue Back that is set up for a memorial of all US Subs lost at sea.

We had a great time with my parents and really enjoyed their stay.

Later that month, I told the family we were going on a picnic in a surprise location... we went on a nice waterfall trip to see Multnomah Falls and the scenic gorge.
Multnomah Falls

I think that this pic Jodi took is just adorable of the girls looking at the waterfall.

My beautiful wife and baby at our picnic spot.